Annual CCSG Research Review - 12 December 2017

Well over 100 people from academia, industry, community and government with a connection to the UQ Centre for Coal Seam Gas (CCSG) participated in the annual Research Review for 2017 on 12 December. Chairs and chief investigators from the Centre's research areas of groundwater, social performance, geoscience and petroleum engineering gave an overview of the current CCSG research streams and future perspectives.

The past year showed a rich collaboration with industry partners, government departments, community stakeholders, peak bodies and academics within and outside UQ - nationally and internationally. The Director highlighted the Centre’s success with applications for competitive funding grants, with eight projects now supported by additional funding from Commonwealth and Queensland government programs.

Part of the Research Review included discussion groups on new insights on the Great Artesian Basin (by Prof Jim Underschultz) and on social impact findings (by Dr Katherine Witt). It also offered a mini geological core workshop (by Dr Andrew La Croix and Mark Reilly), an introduction to the latest micro-CT scanning technology investigating coals (by Dr Karen Steel and Dr Reydick Balucan), and a lab tour of the new UQ experimental well infrastructure facilities (by Dr Heinz-Gerd Holl and Benjamin Wu).

The afternoon brought ample opportunity for checking out posters displaying the work of CCSG research teams, PhD students working on CCSG funded projects as well as independent PhD students researching CSG related issues. Participants enjoyed the opportunity to network with new and old contacts and discuss the latest research developments.

Posters Displayed at the Research Review 2017

Groundwater (Chair Prof Jim Underschultz)

Regional Groundwater Recharge in the Surat Basin
Groundwater Recharge Estimation in the Surat Basin
Characterisation of Current Groundwater Uses in the Surat and Bowen Basins 

Social Performance (Chief Investigator Dr Kathrine Witt)

Indicators Maintenance & Reporting

Geoscience (Chair Prof Suzanne Hurter)

First Palynological Results from GSQ Roma 2, Surat Basin, Queensland
Machine Learning for Coal Seam Gas Production
An Investigation of Numerical Facies Models of Coal Seam Gas Reservoirs: Walloon Subgroup, Surat Basin

Petroleum Engineering (Chair Prof Brian Towler)

Research by Independent PhD Students

Research undertaken by these students is related to CCSG, but the research is not funded by the UQ Centre for Coal Seam Gas:

Electrohydraulic Discharge (EHD) Stimulation in Water Conditions and Its Application for Coal Fracturing
Governance of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) in the CSG Context
The Architecture and Evolution of a Delta-Canyon-Fan System: Insights from a Stratigraphic Forward Model in Perth Canyon, Western Australia