CCSG research review 2016

Director’s Message

The University of Queensland’s Centre for Coal Seam Gas (CCSG) was established at the end of 2011 by UQ, QGC, Santos and Arrow Energy to conduct and coordinate research on the technical and social challenges associated with CSG. In 2014, APLNG joined the Centre and all major CSG operators are now fully on board.

The Centre, together with representatives of the industry members, Queensland State regulator, and several project specific advisory groups work collaboratively with many academic partners to further CSG science.

Since its formation four years ago, the Centre has focused on developing a broad portfolio of research projects to address the demand for new and improved scientific knowledge. The research program is balanced across four main themes: Water, Social Performance, Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering, each lead by a professorial Chair.

As of the end of 2016, we have 33 current research projects and have allocated over $14 million in research funding, in addition to four co-funded professorial chairs. These projects draw on the expertise of more than 50 researchers from 18 UQ schools and research centres as well as collaborators from other Australian and major international research institutions. Within this, we have 27 PhDs and MPhils associated directly with CCSG funded projects and over 20 more across UQ engaged in research closely related to the onshore gas industry.

At the end of 2016, the Centre held its annual Research Review, an event which showcases the breadth of our research projects to an audience of industry, government, university and community stakeholders. This book reproduces the scientific posters that were displayed on the day providing an overview of the objectives, outcomes and key finding to date of our research at UQ.

The posters display the work of CCSG research teams, PhD students working on CCSG funded projects as well as several independent PhD students researching CSG related issues.

Professor Andrew Garnett, Director


Posters from the Centre Research Review 2016


Chair – Professor Jim Underschultz

The Centre’s water related research addresses the impacts of CSG extraction on groundwater and surface water resources; the hydraulic connectivity of coal seam and agricultural aquifers; and the development of adaptive water and environmental management strategies.

Social Performance

Chair – Associate Professor Will Rifkin

The Centre seeks to provide new knowledge to help government and industry manage social and economic impacts at a regional scale, develop strategies that enhance the social performance capacity of the industry and deliver positive, long-term development outcomes for communities impacted by CSG. Researchers design and apply innovative community engagement methodologies, examine issues associated with the management of cumulative impacts and develop evidence-based contributions to policy debate about the regulation of the sector.

Petroleum Engineering

Chair – Professor Brian Towler

Research in the area of Petroleum Engineering includes aspects of reservoir characterisation, development and dynamic behaviour, drilling, well completions as well as stimulation and enhancement technologies. Other research examines aspects of the techno-economics of gas exploitation and recovery and field related engineering including optimisation, process control and site rehabilitation.


Chair – Professor Stephen Tyson

The Centre’s significant expertise in geoscience includes geology, geophysics and geochemistry. Research is seeking to provide new knowledge on basin analysis and characterisation, the origins of coal seam gas, exploration targeting within the geological setting, and natural factors that establish the nature of the reservoir for CSG.